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.. Hello Earthling .. \o/ :)

Will you become my friend in Fortnite?
Thursday, September 20, 2018

I want to make friends in fortnite, my friend link is https://fortnite.com/friend/23for1 please feel free to add me thanks 😊

Ok so lets !!!!

RDP Cant Connect due to a Security Update
Friday, May 25, 2018

You get an error:
An Authentication error has occurred, the function requested is not supported.
This could be due to CredSSP encryption oracle remediation.

goto this page https://portal.msrc.microsoft.com/en-us/security-guidance/advisory/CVE-2018-0886 and you will find a bunch of downloads for each version of the Windows operating system which will fix this problem and let you RDP as usual.

Referencing old Threading.Tasks in Visual Studio
Saturday, December 09, 2017

You may get an error "cannot find all types required by the 'async' modifier" even though you are targeting .Net framework 4.5.1, or anything greater then 4.0 basically. Sometimes when we have an old project that we upgraded to higher versions of the .Net framework, some old references remain there and keep on working fine, though they wont get latest features, and for this reason you need to specifically remove them from the project. Goto project properties, in References section you will see a list of external references being used by your project, see if the System.Threading.Tasks is still there and is using something like the version 2 or something. Just remove it, and this error will go away.

Building DevExpress Source Code (for damn dummies)
Saturday, December 02, 2017

So I have been asked to build this source code that contains the source of all third party controls for DevExpress. Since it was kind of time consuming and I have seen some questions on dvexpress forums related to building the source, I am going to document it over here. If it ever helps you, do leave a comment! So here we go:

first you goto the folder \Sources\DevExpress.Key
open Visual Studio command prompt (this command prompt makes available all the .net SDK tools), in this prompt you type the following:

sn -k StrongKey.snk

this will generate file "StrongKey.snk", place this file in the folder "\Sources\DevExpress.Key".

Now open the project "\Sources\DevExpress.Data\DevExpress.Data.csproj" in visual studio, open file AssemblyInfo.cs, there is a public key written in this file, at several places, it starts with "PublicKey=", find it and copy it (dont kill it), this is a key that you need to replace in all of the devexpress code that you have, you have to replace this key with the one that you generated above, the one in StrongKey.snk file, but there is a way of doing it:
in the folder of the StrongKey.snk, type the following 2 commands (staying in the Visual Studio command prompt):

sn -p StrongKey.snk a.txt
sn -tp a.txt

this will output a public key in the console, but its broken in lines, you have to copy all of it, make it into one line (eg in notepad you can do this by opening notepad, set word wrap off, past all, remove line breaks & copy one whole line).
Now you have the public key, back to Visual Studio, press Ctrl+Shift+H (replace all for files), put in the location ("Look in" box) "\Sources" (yes we are replacing these keys in all files they should be in), paste the original long public key in the "Find what" box, and your new key in the "Replace with" box, and click "Replace All", this will take a little time (if your PC got ssd you are in good shape, if not, BUY A DAMN SSD or leave computer programming go do something else).

Now, go ahead and click the BUILD button up in the tool box, or press Ctrl+Shift+B. Now you should have a sweet little file named "DevExpress.Data.v15.2.dll" in "\Bin\Framework" folder, all files will go there you will see it grow.
Open up "\Sources\DevExpress.XtraPrinting\DevExpress.Printing.Core\DevExpress.Printing.Core.csproj", build it, it should build fine.
now I will write down a list of projects in the following lines, thats the order in which you should go on building everything, opening in Visual Studio, one by one:
open folder \Sources\DevExpress.XtraCharts and add all projects into one solution file:
NOTE: before building \Sources\DevExpress.XtraLayout\DevExpress.XtraLayout remove the reference to Microsoft.VisualStudio.DebuggerVisualizers.
now you can build \Sources\DevExpress.XtraLayout\DevExpress.XtraLayout

ok i give up! These are most of what I built, there is a huge amount of source still to be built, lots and lots of project files which I have no use of i think. I may have missed a few projects that I built but you will find them yourself while building. One tip on finding dependencies is this: you keep opening the References node in the solutions explorer and note down anything that has a yellow attention icon with whatever reference, you have to keep on looking till you reach a point that has no yellow signs, its kind of a dependency tree, mainly its what I have listed above, but it depends on what you want to build it will have different projects to be built.

PS: report errors in comments.

Visual Studio 2017 knows what slows it down
Monday, July 10, 2017

so this is cool, if a window slows down VS it will tell you about it, and also let you take action on it:

Googleapis Geocode deserialize in C#
Friday, November 04, 2016

Are you trying to deserialize the JSON response you received from the following:


in C#.

If so, you need the following classes, I already wrote them and used them in code so just in case someone needs to do the same:

and then "ms" variable will have all the structures populated.

PS: add a reference to System.Web.Extensions for above code to work and a using System.Web.Script.Serialization;

Backup and Restore ALL data in your MongoDB
Wednesday, October 05, 2016

so just avoid all the lengthy explanations on the several back up and restore mongodb documentation pages and follow this (cuz u are in a hurry arntchya):

Assuming your mongod.exe is running on port 27017.
You use the following to take a complete backup:

mongodump.exe --host localhost --port 27017 --out C:\AMD\up

now you have everything backed up in the folder C:\AMD\up.

You use the following to restore the db backup:
mongorestore.exe --port 27017 C:\AMD\up

it takes everything from C:\AMD\up and restores in the db server running on port 27017.

have FUN! :)

CoreCLR Builds on so many Operating Systems
Friday, July 29, 2016

Just look at this CoreCLR build status on github:

Just look at all the list of operating systems supported, who would have thought one day Microsoft .Net would be building on so many platforms! Right move M$, brilliant move.

Visual Studio Exploding in Size
Thursday, July 14, 2016

Visual studio is just exploding in size, I just launched its installer and its informing me it will take 23 GB, plus adding confusion to it, it says "across all drives". What does that mean :@

I want to know WHY "across all drives" when its NOT true. And I also want to know why 23GB fixed. Why cant it say nothing here, but then on the next screen as we make selection of various components the size of installation should change dynamically accordingly, which will make a lot of sense.

Also, it should just let me select which partition I want all the installation to go.

Anyway, no other options, if I have to earn I have to install :(

over n out ...

Really dont want Windows 10
Sunday, July 03, 2016

seriously, how gives a shit?

Cant install Visual Studio 2013 Color Theme Editor
Monday, March 28, 2016

When you try to install "Visual Studio 2013 Color Theme Editor" you get this error:

"The extension 'Visual Studio 2013 Color Theme Editor' requires a version of the .Net Framework that is not installed."

Some nice person over at extensions download Q and A section posted this:

so basically it means,

theme editor link

rename "ColorThemeEditor.vsix" to "ColorThemeEditor.zip", then extract it, and you will find "extension.vsixmanifest", Open this up in notepad, find the following line:

Dependency Id="Microsoft.Framework.NDP" DisplayName="Microsoft .NET Framework" Version="4.5"

and delete that line. Save. Again zip the modified folder into a "ColorThemeEditor.zip" file, then rename to "ColorThemeEditor.vsix", now double click to Install, it will work.

Or you can just download the one I modified and tested.

crystal reports "FileNotFoundException"
Friday, December 11, 2015

noting it down here for myself and anyone who maybe looking for this. Here is a pretty notorious exception that often bothers people working in Crystal Reports, specially if your project is recently migrated to a newer version of Visual Studio. In my case, its from visual studio 2005 to 2013. Things did compile but upon running a report it crashed with the following horrible notice:

An unhandled exception of type 'System.IO.FileNotFoundException' occurred in mscorlib.dll

Additional information: Could not load file or assembly 'file:///C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\Crystal Reports for .NET Framework 4.0\Common\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI

I looked around on the net, there are so many different solutions that would work for some and wont for some others. The solution that worked for me is this: I just had to add the following tag in the yourapp.exe.config file:
inside the "configuration" tag. Here the useLegacy* tag is imp.

Hope it helps.

What is *technically* a Container?
Thursday, August 20, 2015

I dont know why but still trying to find a good explanation of what, technically, Containers are is so hard! Web pages are filled with info on what containers enable you to do but HOW do they do it, the kind of explanation that a computer programmer may like to read about is still missing from a lot of web pages trying to tell you what a container is and what are its benefits. Now I found this page where you will finally be able to really satisfy your thirst to understand this all by the time you are finished reading this article.

code to check if table exists in database or not, c++ style
Friday, July 03, 2015

a really boring function I had to write to check if a given Table exists in sql server 2008 or not (returns 1 if exists, 0 if not):

int tableexists(char* tablename)
  CRecordset datatable(&YPDatabase::GetDBInstance());
  char querybuf[1000];
  //char * querybuf = "select OBJECT_ID('BinsColorMap1', 'U') col1";
  sprintf(querybuf, "select OBJECT_ID('%s', 'U') col1", tablename);
  CString query = querybuf; //"select * from table";
  int res = 0;
  if(datatable.Open(CRecordset::dynaset, query))
    while( !datatable.IsEOF() )
      res = copyval_l(datatable, "col1");
      if (res != 0)
          res = 1;
      datatable.MoveNext ();



  return res;


I had to write this in vs 2003 :( !!! cruelty!!!

nasty UltraGridRow memory leak
Friday, March 13, 2015

Found a really nasty memory leak in UltraGridRow. There is this code in our application that has to export Infra's Ultra Grid data to a csv file, its fairly simple, for each row the developer goes through all its non-hidden colums, gets the value from the cell, and appends it into the StringBuilder, which in the end is dumped into a file. During testing the test guy reported that he was exporting data from the grid that has 3000 columns, and around 1000 rows, ultra grid shows the data just fine, no problems there, but when we enumerate all its rows and get all its values, the application goes out of memory and crashes. Upon a lot of debugging of carefully using stringbuilers, strings, streamwriters, filestream, I found out that it was just the "gridrow.Cells[z].Value.ToString()" that was the cause of memory leak, and no kind of GC Collects were able to solve this problem.
The resolution of it was that instead of getting values directly from the cells, I took a reference of the grid's DataSource property as it was a DataTable, and through this dt I got the strings that I wanted to write to the file. Problem was solved, I tested with 10000 rows with 3000 columns, no out of memory problems.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Having programmed for a long long time in Visual Studio I just found out today that there is no RELEASE conditional compilation symbol defined -.-
So either you always utilise the #else of DEBUG like:

  // release code here

or you goto the project properties, select Release in Configuration

and type your own RELEASE and save. Now you can do:

  // release code here

Path class is a blessing
Thursday, May 29, 2014

Just wanted to say a quick thanks to the guys who made the Path class in .Net framework, its such a BIG blessing. My fav methods: "GetFileName" and "GetFileNameWithoutExtension"! <3 p="">

Visual Studio 2013 requires IE 10 to install?
Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Really? Disappointing! I completed downloading Visual Studio 2013 in my office and brought it home to install it on a Windows 7 VM. Right after launching the installer it informs me I need to first install IE10. On the host OS I find a little web installer of IE 10, so I copy it to VM and launch it, but then this installer tells me I need to install the pre-reqs of IE10! All this when i'm running Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate absolutely fine in the same VM. Now the problem is there is something wrong with the network configurations of the VM and I'm unable to download the pre-reqs or run the windows update to locate and install IE10 and its prereqs. So this all is frustrating, I have no idea why would IE10 be such a hard prerequisite for VS2013. This is cheap and stupid when Microsoft has to just force their fav software on users when they fail to compete with competing browsers. They need to learn to keep IE away from VS, thanks!

no include files :|
Friday, May 17, 2013

installed visual studio 2012, the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\VC\include does not contain any files. What is going on, none of my VC++ programs are compiling.

Update: reinstalling will not fix this problem. You have to download the Update 2 of Visual Studio 2012 and install it over this broken installation of vs 2012 and the problem will be fixed. Update 2 has got a lot of very nice improvements, you should have the update anyway.

Crystal Reports for Stunning Visual Studio 2012
Tuesday, December 25, 2012

hmm ... so i'm desperately waiting for Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2012 so I can move my project to vs2012!

Update: ok good news, the version of crystal reports for VS 2012 is now available for download here: http://scn.sap.com/docs/DOC-35074. (requires windows 7 sp1 or windows 8). Have fun.

Visual Studio 2012 offline help
Saturday, December 22, 2012

here is the link for the offline documentation of Visual Studio 2012, it can be downloaded as an iso image, its 2.7gb in size. Important link!

The Class dot Folder dot Class dot Class dot CRAP
Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You know how Visual Studio changes the "namespace" name to "namespace.foldername" when you move a file from one folder to a sub folder? I TOTALLY HATE THAT. VS doesn't need to manage this for me. I hate to write class.class.class.class.something.bla.bla.crap in my source code. No I don't want to manage stuff like that. If I got confuse, I'll just arrange stuff myself. I am NOT ALWAYS writing a 50 million lines of code so don't think I'm going to get confused right after 2 days of writing code finding which class is where. And please DONT DO THIS with the dreaded typed datasets!! You moved a typed dataset from one place to another and the code breaks like **** (it was the s word not the f word). Ok, have fun now.

Occupy Internet!!
Sunday, November 20, 2011

I live in Pakistan and I just noticed that a very important website used by developers around Internet has been blocked by my ISP, i.e, www.pastebin.com. Few days back I wanted to download a free download manager, aka FDM, which is my fav download manager, and I discovered that http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/ has also been blocked by the ISP. The message that you get is this:

so I asked friends on google+ if they can access this stuff, they were using a different isp and that isp has not implemented the *blacklisted* urls. I called up the support to ask them whats going on, the guy told me that PTA has given them a list of thousands of urls including countless blogs that they want them to ban. The list has been implemented by almost all ISPs except for perhaps PTCL. But ptcl will soon follow.

There must be other websites that do the same stuff as pastebin, are they going to be blocked too? What someone can do on pastebin, cant they do the same on other related websites? What harm does a website like pastebin causes? I fail to understand. Does blocking a download manager saves a government from getting toppled? After UK's gov blamed London Riots on internet, and many Islamic countries banning facebook/twitter/skype or any website that helps protesters to collaborate, do you see where all this is going? The governments of the world have gone crazy, who comes to power wants to stay forever in power. Going forward few years (or a decade) from now, I dont see a bright future of Internet. I see restrictions, I see a blockade of freedom and free-speech.

Steve Jobs dies at the age of 56
Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs died today in peace in the presence of his family, according to his family's statement. An amazingly focused person and it seems that majority of the projects he did, he shockingly understood what people wanted and delivered it (or just convinced you that this is what you should use). I have never owned an Apple product, but I have used them briefly through friends or colleagues. I have never owned them but I strongly suggest them to people who can afford them. They are amazing products. Products that other companies look at and try to copy. But as you follow the technology industry its so clear that copying something in the form of a product and then be able to sell it as well is in most cases nearly impossible to do. You really have to understand and appreciate as to what is so great about a revolutionary product that you are trying to copy. But well, I think if you were great enough, you would not copy something in the first place, you would just understand the greatness, say something nice about it, and take the aim to make something even better. Some companies get the hardware right, but the software is not good, and some get the software right but the hardware is crappy. Some get the product to be pretty decent, but have no idea who the audience is, and why, because the inception of the idea is not coming from their own minds, they are just trying to copy someone else's success. They are loosing their dignity and respect. Some become so desperate to copy success, like Nokia, that they kill their revolutionary mobile platforms like Meego, and some become so desperate, like Microsoft, that they use their deep pockets to convince others to kill their innovations and join their crappy platform, ridding the world of innovative products to come. So much for contributing to make the world a better place. Both are desperate and both end up achieving nothing.

I'm pretty concerned about the new leadership of Apple. Yes I have read a lot about Tim Cook and the rest of the team, they are all great people. They are all very intelligent/clever, they love the work they do, they understood what Steve Jobs wanted, but in my honest opinion, all of them combined, they don't even begin to come close in talent and genius that Steve was for his company. They could have done anything if there was no Apple, they could have made a product successful following another good leader in some other random company, but their minds and hands could not have possibly made something as revolutionary as what they got opportunity to do at Apple. And that's only because Steve Jobs was working as their boss. Yes, you can teach someone, yes you can learn from a great leader, but I should remind you that we are talking about a talent that no university or institute can teach you, not even the genius himself because he knows he has a gift and he can do things right and that he can be a leader, but what he can not do is translate all this genious in words and actions that can be documented and followed for times to come. Its that rare kind of talent we have under discussion. No matter how much you try to mentor, you cannot deliver this passion and genius on to someone. How many great leaders in the world have mentored their subordinates, and how many have had successors like them. Very few indeed.

It is to be seen in the years to come how good the leadership of Apple really is. While he was leaving, Steve Jobs would have certainly given them a lot to think on, guidance on future products, possible future products, possible new markets that can be explored, which may continue to feed the success (for sometime) that they have today. But i think if they can come up with just one product that is totally conceived on their own without any help or ideas that Steve has left behind, and at the same time be as successful as an iPhone, that something even Steve would look and say "why didnt I think of this". Because this is how big of a success you have to be, to be Apple, and only then I think we can say that Apple's leadership transferred to the right minds. But otherwise, they will loose the spark, they will loose a lot. Because Apple is not a company that copy to succeed, its just not in their DNA.

RIP Steve Jobs!

So ... Meego is DEAD!
Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So this day brings a very bad news from intel and linux foundation. They are just creating a yet another new Linux project for, well, "all devices". Just few years back it was Moblin from Intel and Maemo from Nokia, and then they got merged and formed Meego. Then one day the Mr. *f*ELop decided he wanted to please his old boss and he decided to just abandon EVERYTHING and start making the lame windows phone devices. That came as a surprise to Intel which used to think Nokia was its core partner in developing Meego. But still, Intel told everyone to stay calm and they are just fully committed to Meego. Yeah Right! And now fresh out of twitter the world is learning that "Good bye Meego" has been sung and there is a new effort in town, called Tarzan .. ooops sorry its called Tizne .. TintintintinTINZIN .. umm no Tizen dammit! Yes its called #Tizen. You can read the *justification* here https://meego.com/community/blogs/imad/2011/whats-next-meego. Really silly, what an excuse! HTML5. Huh.

Anyway, so some twitter reaction:

Intel: Moblin... MeeGo... Tizen! This time it will work! http://t.co/GasmsXci

Why do companies (fail to) compete against established platforms by repeatedly starting over instead of refining existing platforms?

Not convinced that starting over from scratch and rewriting the whole stack with yet another toolkit is going to accomplish anything #Tizen

When I hear a platform's software offering is built around HTML5, it almost feels like hearing 'no real software offering yet'

Intel and the Linux Foundation have shown that they can't get the job done. I don't see why anybody should give a crap about Tizen.

Why #Tizen? Was FlibberGertz taken?

The Meego #Tizen announcement (ur1.ca/583lj), is arbitrary and one-directional, as usual. It causes failure. It prevents success.

Random word generators produce some interesting results. #Maemo #Tizen #FlibberGertz #Gobbryfux

I know another OS that tried to use HTML/JS as it's primary API. #intel #meego #webos

#Tizen. Sounds like a cheap fizzy drink. Lots of caffeine and additives, and no actual nutritional value.

Dear #Intel, will you consider handing over *.meego.com to a community governance body so we can enact a truly open mobile Linux OS?

#Intel blamed #Nokia for delay in their handset efforts with #MeeGo. So doing everything again from scratch is way of speeding up?!

I think this is rather relevant right now: xkcd.com/934/ #tizen #meego #html5 #fail #xkcd

oh well, lets just hope for the best and grab a N9 while we are at it.

Crystal Report Error on 64 bits
Wednesday, September 07, 2011

If you get this error that says:

"An error has occurred while attempting to load the Crystal Reports runtime.

Either the Crystal Reports registry key permissions are insufficient or the Crystal Reports runtime is not installed correctly.

Please install the appropriate Crystal Reports redistributable (CRRedist*.msi) containing the correct version of the Crystal Reports runtime (x86, x64, or Itanium) required.  Please go to http://www.businessobjects.com/support for more information. "

Open your IIS and click "Application Pools", select the application pool name that your application is using, then on the right side click "Advanced Settings", which will show you the advanced settings for your app pool. There set the "Enable 32-Bit Applications" to True. Click Ok, and now go check your page which uses crystal reports, it should work just fine.

This info was for 64-bits Windows 7 rocking Visual Studio 2005, may also work for few other microsoft operating systems and iis.

Convert DataTable to JSON in C#
Monday, September 05, 2011

A generic code to convert your C# DataTable to JSON:

  string makejsonoftable(DataTable table, makejson e)
    StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
    foreach (DataRow dr in table.Rows)
      if (sb.Length != 0)
      StringBuilder sb2 = new StringBuilder();
      foreach (DataColumn col in table.Columns)
        string fieldname = col.ColumnName;
        string fieldvalue = dr[fieldname].ToString();
        if (sb2.Length != 0)
        sb2.Append(string.Format("{0}:\"{1}\"", fieldname, fieldvalue));


    if (e == makejson.e_with_square_brackets)
      sb.Insert(0, "[");
    return sb.ToString();


and I added this enum:

  enum makejson

because you wont need the square brackets in case you are calling this function again for some nested object definition, for example like:

resulting json for one of my data query looked like this:

[{village_name:"Lourba leten",school_name:"EB 1.2 Nazare Gumer",village_id:"4030301",school_id:"525",classroom_id:"1893",location_name:"Seluk tan",location_id:"9"},{village_name:"",school_name:"",village_id:"",school_id:"",classroom_id:"1905",location_name:"Seluk tan",location_id:"9"}]

say you requested this through an ajax call, you can call a:
var jsondatastructure = eval (yourResponseText);
in case of the above sample result the "jsondatastructure" will have a jsondatastructure.length set to 2.

Jailbreak 4.3.4
Saturday, July 23, 2011

So if you are desperately seeking to jailbreak your ipad while rocking 4.3.4 firmware on it, you are not completely out of luck. The jailbreakme.com is not working so far for 4.3.4 so you have to look for alternative methods. What is working is a solution from redsnow (i believe). Just follow this link http://bit.ly/qY0JXQ and you will be good. There is a very nicely done youtube video that makes things very clear, I have used ipad for the first time and was jailbreaking for the first time, and i was able to follow it.

Please note that you will need to be looking for your *.ipsw extension file (to follow the video), which is the complete firmware that you flashed your ipad with using iTunes. If you are a windows user, this file will be located at "C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPad Software Updates" assuming you are rocking windows 7/Vista on your C drive, also please replace the username with whatever is correct in your case. Since I updated my ipad 1, the file I have in there was named iPad1,1_4.3.4_8K2_Restore.ipsw (622,279,895 bytes, md5 hash 3414ec10c6e7f50d8eca5d5c25d60ff0 http://bit.ly/n1jv13).

Also a note on putting the device in the DFU mode (whatever that is), when you follow the sequence in the video, make sure that your device is powered off!

Happy jailbreaking!

Bluetooth on Windows 7 64 bits
Saturday, June 18, 2011

If you are running Windows 7 64 bits on your computer and for some reason your bluetooth is not behaving as you expect it to, you can try doing the following, it worked for me. Open the bluetooth settings window:

switch to the "COM Ports" tab, and see if there is any entry in the list of com ports. If you find nothing there, click that "Add..." button, and the window that comes up click OK in it. A new COM Port will be added to work with your bluetooth connection. Now try transferring files between 2 of your bluetooth devices, it should work. I am right now using the internet connection from my cell phone (nokia n900) through bluetooth on my laptop, which is working pretty great. All this usually works automatically on Windows 7 32 bits, but i dont know why I had to go through this extra step to make the BT work in windows 7 64 bits.

IE9 crashing windows !!
Thursday, March 17, 2011

So in excitement to see how fast IE9 really is, I installed one on my office pc (core i5, windows 7 32bits, 4gb ram). After the installation completed, the machine restarted, and I launched IE9 to start browsing, and not even google.com worked! Everytime i typed google.com and tried searching for something and before I could press Enter I would get a windows message that "Internet Explorer has crashed", I tried a lot, nothing worked, it just wont stay alive for more then few seconds. I uninstalled it!

At home on my laptop, I installed it (core 2, windows 7 64bits, 4gb ram) to try again expecting it to work better here for some reason :). Installation went fine, restarted windows and launched IE9, things were going ok (i had about 5 tabs opened browsing websites like casio/engadget/google/localhost and few others) but I just got a blue screen right when i was using IE9 and my machine restarted! And i must say that i NEVER get a blue screen of death (bsod) on my laptop! In the past 3 years there have not been much times that I have got a bsod on my laptop. Sigh .. The UX looks good here and all, things feel snappy, but crashing a machine? Maybe IE10 would be joy browsing the web on. Back to Chrome <3


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