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Modules in VB.net
Friday, August 20, 2004

Types themsleves cannot be static in C# yet. However, you can make your methods and fields static and then use them from anywhere. For me that would achieve that same purpose like a module in VB. And in fact this is what happens at the IL level. When you make modules in VB they are just converted into classes with all the methods and fields in them set to "static". For example, if I have a method Add in my Module1 as:
Public Function add(ByVal x As Integer, ByVal y As Integer) As Integer
Return x + y
End Functionit

it gets converted to the following IL:

.method public static int32 'add'(int32 x,
int32 y) cil managed
// Code size 9 (0x9)
.maxstack 2
.locals init ([0] int32 'add')
IL_0000: nop
IL_0001: ldarg.0
IL_0002: ldarg.1
IL_0003: add.ovf
IL_0004: stloc.0
IL_0005: br.s IL_0007
IL_0007: ldloc.0
IL_0008: ret
} // end of method Module1::'add'

Shared in VB is equivilent to static in C#. The concept of modules in VB comes from old VB versions and is now there only for backwards compatibility reasons. In the old versions, I rememeber that while doing the win32api programming we could place our callback functions only in modules, not in classes.

SHA-0 Broken, MD5 Rumored Broken
Tuesday, August 17, 2004

What ever you do , they'll break it. Read more about broken hash functions here.


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