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Friday, November 26, 2004

Microsoft vs Others
I finally saw this interesting article where they are talking about Google vs Microsoft :). Thats cool. I remember articles on Fortune mag like "Gates vs Sun" ! And an article in I think Byte or PC mag title "Is Java going to be a Windows Killer?" in 1998. Lots of people are maybe attracted to Google just because its new and so there expectations are high. Ofcourse its because they (goog) have been lot of successful in what they do. But how long can they keep that edge is what matters. I use Linux and I like it very much :) And I use Google more than 10 times everyday and like it every time I do. But Microsoft is amazing. People say Microsoft is no more fun to work at. Very untrue. This comes from people who either have never worked there or left microsoft very early to do there own work. How can you say this about a company which has been developing extremely successful operating systems and compilers for more than 20 years? I think people say this when they see someone succeeding beyond there imagination. If you look at the success of .net and how its future versions are being developed (you can observe that through blogs.msdn.com) and you look at Longhorn, I say its the most exciting place to be for computer science people. And oh, btw Microsoft spends more on research too, mega more than Google, or any body else for that matter.

Seen the latest show?
See the latest .net show on Connected Systems. One of my favourites is speaking there: Don Box, the Indigo guy. Indigo is basically what they call is the *messaging sub system* in the next gen microsoft os. So all messaging of processes and components is going to happen through indigo, hence the "connected systems". And once again, if you want to be ultra pruductive using indigo or other things in longhorn when they arrive, you have to be terribly good in .net programming.

Join the Rotor list
Join the rotor (and other .net related stuff) on discuss.develop. I was too late in joining this list, but better late than never right?

I like Windows. But you have you seen Mac OS X? Have you seen what Apple has done with OS X Tiger? Things that MS has taken out of Vista/Longhorn, are/were already there in OS X. Check it out, it might open your eyes. And by the way, OS X runs on Unix.
MacOS, I know it runs on a modified version of Unix. Well look at the architecture of WinFX and WinFS and open your eyes. There innovations are not just few weeks of work that they are distributing out in form of a search toolbar. Things that Microsoft has done in Vista are second to no OS. I would urge you to follow the technology articles on msdn.
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