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The "/time" switch
Thursday, April 14, 2005

Do you know there is a compiler switch which can calculate the time it
takes to do the compilation of file(s) you pass it? You can use it by
passing "/time" to the C# compiler. This results in the output of the
"elapsed time". The page on msdn titled "C# Compiler Options Listed
dv_cscomp/html/43535ea0-ca47-4a15-b528-615087a86092.htm, this is whidbey beta1 msdn link [and is deliberately broken!!!])
does not list this switch, neither does it exists in the list if you
write "csc /?" at the windows console (csc of v1.1.4322). You can find its code in the
Rotor file sscli\clr\src\csharp\scharp\scc\scc.cpp. Additionally some
interesting code relating to timing can also be found in the file
sscli\clr\src\csharp\scharp\sccomp\timing.cpp. The comments on the
timing.cpp file reads:
"Defined the timer functions, which allow reporting performance
information for the compiler. This is sort of a built-in mini-profiler
that is always available. This allows anyone to do a quick
investigation of performance problems and try to pinpoint where things
have changed."

The "/time" switch works both in commercially available .net from Microsoft as well Rotor, but I could not find it working in Mono (mcs

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