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Building Rotor 1.0 with Whidbey Beta 2
Friday, September 30, 2005

I recently built rotor 1.0 with visual studio .net 2005 (whidbey) beta 2. Thanks to Barry and Lorenzo for helping me out do this. You can read the posts on discuss.develop. I created a little patch which you can just paste over your sscli directory and than build again and than everything should be working fine. The build is done on Windows 2000 pro sp4. The things that I tested are C# compiler, clix, few samples, ilasm, ildasm, and cordbg. I have to do some more work on the patch cuz it contains a lot of redundant files. When it'll be done I'll let everyone know at rotor newsgroup at discuss.develop. If you need it earlier than that and dont have any problem with working with the rough version of the patch you can just email me and I'll send you the zip file containing the necessary things. Its around 700k. I'm used to building sscli piece-by-piece ie: building pal, than build.exe, than binplace, than resourcecompiler, than palrt, than \clr\src .... and so on. I think u'll have to do the same or I may include a batch file to do so. But instructions will be easy to follow.

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