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Pocket PC Emulator; Sharing files on desktop, and ActiveSync connectivity
Monday, September 05, 2005

(All following information is valid for viusal studio.net 2005 beta 2)
Accessing Desktop files on Pocket PC Emulator: While developing the pocket pc apps on emulator you may want to manually copy files to the emulator's memory if for some reason you cant do it through activesync. Its really simple. While pocket pc emulator is running, through the File menu, click "configure". On the first "General" tab you'll see a "Shared folder" text box. Simply give the path where you want to share files. This path actually becomes your storage card on emulator. Now the files that you place in the shared folder can be accessed through the pocket pc "File Explorer"'s "storage card" icon at the bottom of file explorer.

Emulator's Connectivity with ActiveSync: As I looked for this information, the community is using ActiveSync 4.0 for emulator's connectivity. This link is important for all these downloads. As the page suggests, you need to download ActiveSync 4 and the DMA update patch. What the patch does is carries out all the emulator, vs.net, and active sync communications through DMA instead of doing it with tcp/ip. Microsoft says its a more efficient way of communications which utilizes COM. And if you are also facing this problem of not being able to debug your apps on vs.net, this dma download should fix this problem (btw the dma download is like 80+ mb!) Now all communications settings should be using DMA. In vsnet 2k5, goto Tools->Options. Select "Device tools" and select "Devices". Select your device/emulator from the "Devices" listbox and click properties. "Trasposrt" drop down should be set to DMA. If you now click "Emulator Options" button on the same dialog, goto "network" tab and on my network tab nothing is checked, so I recommend that you also uncheck all the checkboxes if any is selected. Click all the Ok buttons! Now in your activesync File menu: click the "connection settings". The drop down that mentions "allow connections to one of the following", should have DMA selected. I think now everything is done in case i've not missed any detail. Restart your emulator (maybe soft resetting it, you wont lose any settings or data, or just close and open again). After restarting your emulator goto vsnet's Tools->"Device Emulator Manager". In the Available emulators you'll see the one you are using and a play icon with it. Means its running. Now right-click it and click on "Cradle". This will emulate as if you have placed your device on the cradle, just like you will do with a physical device. Now the activesync should be active and in few seconds connected to your emulator. If you are not connected, try restarting things, it should work.

Hmm useful info , but i guess i needed it also for Pocket PC 2003 Emulator :(.
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