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is Bing better or Google
Sunday, July 12, 2009

So I'm eating "toasty cheese crackers" by Aim Biscuits right now. So I decide to search the net for it to know more about them. So as sometimes I do to compare search engines to see how much have they progressed against google, I do similar searches on more than one search engine to find who gets me to the right destination first. So my search term right now is "aim biscuits toasty cheese crackers" without the quotes. I goto google.com and write this search term, and i also open bing.com to write the same sentense/search-phrase. And hit enter on both. They come up with the results.
Bing: there is no mention of the Aim biscuits on the first page anywhere. There are pages that seem to be focusing on the word AIM, crackers, toasty etc individually sort of in a way that after few seconds I dont want to think what exactly the search algorithms had in them to finally decide to come with the results that it did.
Google: I wanna start with "amazing". The first link shows a site named tradercity.com with exactly the biscuits I was searching for. The third link (on the first page) refers to a proper web site of what I searched for! Absolutely what I wanted.

While looking at bing's results before I set my eyes on google's search, I started doubting if this Aim Biscuit company even has a web site of its own, cuz bing didnt mention it on the first page. I dont know and I cannot imagine why if aimbiscuits.com exists, that it is so hard for bing to infer that it should give atleast some weightage to that web site address given my search terms. For the love of computer science, the first 2 words are exactly what the website address is if you combine them! Unbelievable and very disappointing!

Btw, the same goes for the image search on the same terms: bing is completely showing things like it took my search term, trashed it, and randomly picked bunch of images from its image database and threw on me. While with google, it shows atleast 3 images of what I'm eating right now!
This is what microsoft is being so loud about? Give me a break!

It really depends on how you search since Bing uses powerset. I agree that Bing has a hard time with exact phrase matches and I wish that was better but overall, I prefer the features that Bing has to offer over google.
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