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IE9 crashing windows !!
Thursday, March 17, 2011

So in excitement to see how fast IE9 really is, I installed one on my office pc (core i5, windows 7 32bits, 4gb ram). After the installation completed, the machine restarted, and I launched IE9 to start browsing, and not even google.com worked! Everytime i typed google.com and tried searching for something and before I could press Enter I would get a windows message that "Internet Explorer has crashed", I tried a lot, nothing worked, it just wont stay alive for more then few seconds. I uninstalled it!

At home on my laptop, I installed it (core 2, windows 7 64bits, 4gb ram) to try again expecting it to work better here for some reason :). Installation went fine, restarted windows and launched IE9, things were going ok (i had about 5 tabs opened browsing websites like casio/engadget/google/localhost and few others) but I just got a blue screen right when i was using IE9 and my machine restarted! And i must say that i NEVER get a blue screen of death (bsod) on my laptop! In the past 3 years there have not been much times that I have got a bsod on my laptop. Sigh .. The UX looks good here and all, things feel snappy, but crashing a machine? Maybe IE10 would be joy browsing the web on. Back to Chrome <3


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