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So ... Meego is DEAD!
Wednesday, September 28, 2011

So this day brings a very bad news from intel and linux foundation. They are just creating a yet another new Linux project for, well, "all devices". Just few years back it was Moblin from Intel and Maemo from Nokia, and then they got merged and formed Meego. Then one day the Mr. *f*ELop decided he wanted to please his old boss and he decided to just abandon EVERYTHING and start making the lame windows phone devices. That came as a surprise to Intel which used to think Nokia was its core partner in developing Meego. But still, Intel told everyone to stay calm and they are just fully committed to Meego. Yeah Right! And now fresh out of twitter the world is learning that "Good bye Meego" has been sung and there is a new effort in town, called Tarzan .. ooops sorry its called Tizne .. TintintintinTINZIN .. umm no Tizen dammit! Yes its called #Tizen. You can read the *justification* here https://meego.com/community/blogs/imad/2011/whats-next-meego. Really silly, what an excuse! HTML5. Huh.

Anyway, so some twitter reaction:

Intel: Moblin... MeeGo... Tizen! This time it will work! http://t.co/GasmsXci

Why do companies (fail to) compete against established platforms by repeatedly starting over instead of refining existing platforms?

Not convinced that starting over from scratch and rewriting the whole stack with yet another toolkit is going to accomplish anything #Tizen

When I hear a platform's software offering is built around HTML5, it almost feels like hearing 'no real software offering yet'

Intel and the Linux Foundation have shown that they can't get the job done. I don't see why anybody should give a crap about Tizen.

Why #Tizen? Was FlibberGertz taken?

The Meego #Tizen announcement (ur1.ca/583lj), is arbitrary and one-directional, as usual. It causes failure. It prevents success.

Random word generators produce some interesting results. #Maemo #Tizen #FlibberGertz #Gobbryfux

I know another OS that tried to use HTML/JS as it's primary API. #intel #meego #webos

#Tizen. Sounds like a cheap fizzy drink. Lots of caffeine and additives, and no actual nutritional value.

Dear #Intel, will you consider handing over *.meego.com to a community governance body so we can enact a truly open mobile Linux OS?

#Intel blamed #Nokia for delay in their handset efforts with #MeeGo. So doing everything again from scratch is way of speeding up?!

I think this is rather relevant right now: xkcd.com/934/ #tizen #meego #html5 #fail #xkcd

oh well, lets just hope for the best and grab a N9 while we are at it.

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