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Steve Jobs dies at the age of 56
Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve Jobs died today in peace in the presence of his family, according to his family's statement. An amazingly focused person and it seems that majority of the projects he did, he shockingly understood what people wanted and delivered it (or just convinced you that this is what you should use). I have never owned an Apple product, but I have used them briefly through friends or colleagues. I have never owned them but I strongly suggest them to people who can afford them. They are amazing products. Products that other companies look at and try to copy. But as you follow the technology industry its so clear that copying something in the form of a product and then be able to sell it as well is in most cases nearly impossible to do. You really have to understand and appreciate as to what is so great about a revolutionary product that you are trying to copy. But well, I think if you were great enough, you would not copy something in the first place, you would just understand the greatness, say something nice about it, and take the aim to make something even better. Some companies get the hardware right, but the software is not good, and some get the software right but the hardware is crappy. Some get the product to be pretty decent, but have no idea who the audience is, and why, because the inception of the idea is not coming from their own minds, they are just trying to copy someone else's success. They are loosing their dignity and respect. Some become so desperate to copy success, like Nokia, that they kill their revolutionary mobile platforms like Meego, and some become so desperate, like Microsoft, that they use their deep pockets to convince others to kill their innovations and join their crappy platform, ridding the world of innovative products to come. So much for contributing to make the world a better place. Both are desperate and both end up achieving nothing.

I'm pretty concerned about the new leadership of Apple. Yes I have read a lot about Tim Cook and the rest of the team, they are all great people. They are all very intelligent/clever, they love the work they do, they understood what Steve Jobs wanted, but in my honest opinion, all of them combined, they don't even begin to come close in talent and genius that Steve was for his company. They could have done anything if there was no Apple, they could have made a product successful following another good leader in some other random company, but their minds and hands could not have possibly made something as revolutionary as what they got opportunity to do at Apple. And that's only because Steve Jobs was working as their boss. Yes, you can teach someone, yes you can learn from a great leader, but I should remind you that we are talking about a talent that no university or institute can teach you, not even the genius himself because he knows he has a gift and he can do things right and that he can be a leader, but what he can not do is translate all this genious in words and actions that can be documented and followed for times to come. Its that rare kind of talent we have under discussion. No matter how much you try to mentor, you cannot deliver this passion and genius on to someone. How many great leaders in the world have mentored their subordinates, and how many have had successors like them. Very few indeed.

It is to be seen in the years to come how good the leadership of Apple really is. While he was leaving, Steve Jobs would have certainly given them a lot to think on, guidance on future products, possible future products, possible new markets that can be explored, which may continue to feed the success (for sometime) that they have today. But i think if they can come up with just one product that is totally conceived on their own without any help or ideas that Steve has left behind, and at the same time be as successful as an iPhone, that something even Steve would look and say "why didnt I think of this". Because this is how big of a success you have to be, to be Apple, and only then I think we can say that Apple's leadership transferred to the right minds. But otherwise, they will loose the spark, they will loose a lot. Because Apple is not a company that copy to succeed, its just not in their DNA.

RIP Steve Jobs!

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