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The Class dot Folder dot Class dot Class dot CRAP
Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You know how Visual Studio changes the "namespace" name to "namespace.foldername" when you move a file from one folder to a sub folder? I TOTALLY HATE THAT. VS doesn't need to manage this for me. I hate to write class.class.class.class.something.bla.bla.crap in my source code. No I don't want to manage stuff like that. If I got confuse, I'll just arrange stuff myself. I am NOT ALWAYS writing a 50 million lines of code so don't think I'm going to get confused right after 2 days of writing code finding which class is where. And please DONT DO THIS with the dreaded typed datasets!! You moved a typed dataset from one place to another and the code breaks like **** (it was the s word not the f word). Ok, have fun now.

Occupy Internet!!
Sunday, November 20, 2011

I live in Pakistan and I just noticed that a very important website used by developers around Internet has been blocked by my ISP, i.e, www.pastebin.com. Few days back I wanted to download a free download manager, aka FDM, which is my fav download manager, and I discovered that http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/ has also been blocked by the ISP. The message that you get is this:

so I asked friends on google+ if they can access this stuff, they were using a different isp and that isp has not implemented the *blacklisted* urls. I called up the support to ask them whats going on, the guy told me that PTA has given them a list of thousands of urls including countless blogs that they want them to ban. The list has been implemented by almost all ISPs except for perhaps PTCL. But ptcl will soon follow.

There must be other websites that do the same stuff as pastebin, are they going to be blocked too? What someone can do on pastebin, cant they do the same on other related websites? What harm does a website like pastebin causes? I fail to understand. Does blocking a download manager saves a government from getting toppled? After UK's gov blamed London Riots on internet, and many Islamic countries banning facebook/twitter/skype or any website that helps protesters to collaborate, do you see where all this is going? The governments of the world have gone crazy, who comes to power wants to stay forever in power. Going forward few years (or a decade) from now, I dont see a bright future of Internet. I see restrictions, I see a blockade of freedom and free-speech.


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