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Visual Studio 2013 requires IE 10 to install?
Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Really? Disappointing! I completed downloading Visual Studio 2013 in my office and brought it home to install it on a Windows 7 VM. Right after launching the installer it informs me I need to first install IE10. On the host OS I find a little web installer of IE 10, so I copy it to VM and launch it, but then this installer tells me I need to install the pre-reqs of IE10! All this when i'm running Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate absolutely fine in the same VM. Now the problem is there is something wrong with the network configurations of the VM and I'm unable to download the pre-reqs or run the windows update to locate and install IE10 and its prereqs. So this all is frustrating, I have no idea why would IE10 be such a hard prerequisite for VS2013. This is cheap and stupid when Microsoft has to just force their fav software on users when they fail to compete with competing browsers. They need to learn to keep IE away from VS, thanks!


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